Qualifications to Become a Private Pilot

Qualifications to Become a Pilot

Requirements to be a Private Pilot

  1. Money
  2. Free Time
  3. Basic Health

Ready to start your dream of flight? You have 40 hours minimum of experience and practice ahead of you.

As discussed in previous posts you need to find a certified flight instructor(CFI) in your area.

Dual Flight

You will spend 20 hours minimum of flight training with your CFI. Below is a breakdown of what you will accomplish in that 20 hour spread.

  • 3 hours cross country
  • 3 hours night flight
  • 3 hours instrument flight
  • 3 hours flight training 60 days before practical test.

Solo Flight

You will also complete 10 hours minimum solo flight. A breakdown is provided below.

  • 5 hours cross country
  • 1 long cross country
    • 150 nautical miles in distance.
    • 3 airports in duration
  • 3 takeoff’s and landings at a towered airport.

Below is a short video of what you can expect from your first solo flight.

How much flight time?

It really depends on how you are as a student. Age holds some weight in how long it will take you to complete all of the FAA requirements. So the FAA says 40 hours minimum but to truly become a private pilot you are likely to be at 50+ hours before you attempt your check-ride.

It is a labor of love you need to be committed to spending time learning. Not just in-flight but in ground training. You are learning an entirely new skill set. Be patient listen, learn, and practice.

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