Go Around!

Missed Approach

Plane Crash Landing

Go Around

This could have been completely prevented with just some basic understanding of flight physics.

Number one where was the round out phase of the approach? Second when did you flair to reduce airspeed and altitude. Oh you didn’t power off stall? GO AROUND!

This is what would be deemed a prop strike in the aviation community. You never come down on your nose gear. That is not what it is designed for on the tri-cycles.

Be a Pilot

I said it be a pilot not a jackass. It is unfathomable to me that this occurred. This pilot should not have been in command.

Stall falls were one of the very first things that I learned as a student pilot in pattern work. For those of you who are new patter work is essentially using your home airport as a race track. You will take off turn downwind, turn base, and come in on a final approach.

When doing this you begin to learn glide path, airspeed, and stall points. Every landing is essentially a power off stall. You are rounding out to use ground effect to your advantage. Then as the airspeed begins to bleed off you flair to reduce your altitude. All be it you are only 5-15 feet off of the ground but you still need to lose the potential energy.

Private Pilot License

If you are on the path to becoming a private pilot you will soon understand what was done wrong here. This was a Piper Cherokee and I am lucky enough to fly one of these as a private pilot.

So a lot of people will tell you that they prefer a high wing. Just ask them about ground effect. I promise you there almost isn’t any until you touch the ground. That’s why I love the Piper Cherokee platform. It makes it easy for a beginner to understand the flight physics in play.

I would also recommend starting on grass as a student pilot. I also recommend flying in an un-towered environment. This is due to the fact that some 85%+ airports are un-towered. Let me just tell you that in a towered environment the controller is completely in charge of your movements. That is so simple it’s belligerent to have a student start in that environment.

Also grass is nice because it teaches you to use ground effect to build your speed to Vx. You will learn more about these climb speeds throughout your training. The Vx of each plane is different so I wont be directly stating any speeds on here.

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