Go Around!

Missed Approach

Plane Crash Landing Go Around This could have been completely prevented with just some basic understanding of flight physics. Number one where was the round out phase of the approach? Second when did you flair to reduce airspeed and altitude. Oh you didn’t power off stall? GO AROUND! This is what would be deemed a…

How Can I Become a Private Pilot

Becoming a Private Pilot If you dream has always been to fly.. you have come to the right spot. You may have seen a step by step guide somewhere on the internet on “how to become a private pilot”. Although there are steps and actions that need to be taken to become a private pilot….

Qualifications to Become a Private Pilot

Qualifications to Become a Pilot

Requirements to be a Private Pilot Money Free Time Basic Health Ready to start your dream of flight? You have 40 hoursĀ minimumĀ of experience and practice ahead of you. As discussed in previous posts you need to find a certified flight instructor(CFI) in your area. Dual Flight You will spend 20 hours minimum of flight training…

The Pilot Guy wearing a pair of Oakley's

How to Become a Private Pilot

Be a Pilot Sick of all the go-arounds? No pun intended.. Becoming a private pilot is actually a lot easier than one might think. Let me just go ahead and say that a lot of the so called requirements that you may have heard are false. “You need a college degree!” That is false. We…